Day: October 5, 2021

  • Cloud Security

    From a simple cloud-only to a complex multi-cloud environment, Fortinet provides network security solutions that work effectively.  They have their own home data center that provides dependable cloud security to a lot of leading cloud providers. Fortinet cloud security’s primary strategy is to optimize the use of any application without causing any threat to the…

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  • Fiber Optic vs Copper Against Lightning

    Most fiber optic cables does not contain metallic components making the cable non-conductive. This gives the cable an advantage towards protection against interference such as EMI, electrical noise, and lightning strikes when compared to copper. A non-conductive fiber cable will not pass an electrical spark through its cable and causing potential damage on the other…

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  • Fiber Cleaning

    It’s important for your fiber to be cleaned before connecting it. This will reduce some signal quality degradation cause by obstruction debris. Also cleaning your connectors before connecting it to a mating adapter will prevent transporting any contamination to your mating adapter.  A unused connectors or mating adapter should always have a cap at the…

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