About Us

It was 2004 when we started Business Communications Solutions, on little more than passion, hard work and an idea for a company that can help small-to-medium businesses take care of their routine, everyday communications needs. Started by a cable/telephone/network technician, we spent our first few years struggling to keep our doors open and our heads above water. We’d sell at low prices and low margins, we’d give every discount we could think of, we’d go after any jobs that we could get our hands on. With customers wanting every bell and whistle, it made it tough and there were many times when we were very frustrated. But…we were determined to keep our customers happy and build a strong, loyal customer base. After six years, we had our “ah-hah” moment. It was this: you can’t fully help a customer when your primary concern is pricing. Our focus shifted from pricing and profit margins to flexible, custom-fit solutions for every customer. Solutions themselves should be the value – if you approach the problem that way, solutions pay for themselves. That value is what we pass on to customers by helping them lower their monthly phone bills, expand their phone systems or networks, increase productivity or just solve a communications problem. And so we finally figured it out…we found our vision. We recognized a major need for a business communication provider that focuses on delivering inventive, creative solutions for our customers. Our Mission Statement: To become the preferred vendor by developing solutions for customer communications problems, cut overhead on your monthly phone bill and increase efficiency and productivity.

Why Choose Business Communication Solutions…

Are you looking for an experienced & reliable telecommunications contractor that can meet your requirements on time and on budget?

Business Communication Solutions has been serving the network cabling and wiring needs of commercial and residential clients throughout Austin Metro, Round Rock, and North Austin since 2004. Whether you need a voice and data cabling project or a business phone system installed, there are plenty of reasons to choose Business Communication Solutions.

  • SERVICE. We have helped a long list of previous clients, who we can proudly call friends. We invite you to read some client testimonials which showcases our hard work and dedication..
  • SPEED. Pick up the phone and we will be there within 48 hours to complete a site survey. A written estimate will be delivered within 48 hours of the site survey. As a client of Business Communication Solutions, you can rest assured that meeting your project deadline on time and on budget is our #1 goal.
  • SUPPORT. As a client of Business Communication Solutions, you will have the direct line and mobile phone number of a Project Manager dedicated to your needs. Project managers are available to answer questions and meet your needs 24/7.
  • COST. We offer competitive prices without compromising the integrity of the service and product. We provide qualified technicians around the clock at lower hourly bill rates then our local competitors.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Business Communication Solutions' technicians are prepared to work around the clock and on weekends to meet all your needs.
  • EXPERIENCE. Business Communication Solutions' has been servicing the network cabling and business communication needs of Austin Metro since 2004. Our Technicians are certified on all major products that we sell.
  • DEDICATION. The project manager assigned to your project will work for you and with you to ensure that your project develops as outlined in the written estimate.
  • GUARANTEED. We proudly back our work with a written Guarantee!
  • LEASING OPTIONS. Depending on your needs, Business Communication Solutions offers leasing options for both phone system and data wiring as well as maintenance contract.
  • FAMILY-OWNED & OPERATED. We are family-owned and operated, which means all of us care about our clients personally.

Business Communication Solutions