Access Point and Hardwire Install in Austin and Surrounding Areas

Problem: Customers are frustrated about not having Wi-Fi signal in certain areas of home or business.

Solution: Solutions: Run hard wire data cable and install access point in locations with poor or no Wi-Fi signal.

The customer’s devices were initially connected via Wi-Fi, but they experienced connectivity issues in certain areas of the home. To address this, we installed hardwired data cables and set up access points in the zones with weak signals. This solution not only expanded the network’s reach but also provided a typically faster internet speed compared to Wi-Fi due to the hardwired connection. The only concern now is potential wireless interference from the access point to your devices, such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and IoT devices. Contact us for assistance with your network and internet connectivity issues at 512.257.1433.

What is hardwired internet? A hardwired network, using an Ethernet cable connected to a router or Modem to get to the internet, also known as hardwired internet, is faster, more stable, secure, and easier to set up than a wireless network.

An access point is a device that establishes a wireless local area network (WLAN), typically in an office or large building. It connects to a wired router, switch, or hub with an Ethernet cable and emits a WiFi signal to a specific area. For instance, to provide WiFi in your company’s reception area without a nearby router, you could set up an access point close to the front desk and connect it to the server room via an Ethernet cable routed through the ceiling.