Access Point Installation Promotion in Austin

Frustrated with your spotty wifi at a specific location in your home or office? Give us a call! 512.257.1433.

We are offering a promotion pricing for new customers. Get 1 new access point installed with a cable run up to 100′ for only $225.00 plus taxes. Data cable with 2 RJ 45 male plug TpLink AP installed and configured with SSID and password of your choosing. starting at $225.00 plus taxes

Note: Up to 100′ CMR Cat 5e Cata cable run. Includes: 1 TP-Link Access Point and 2 RJ 45 Male plug to allow you to plug directly into your router or network switch. You must provide the internet and the extra network switch port. Call US NOW! PROMO CODE – 225AccessPoint – Other cable type Plenum, Cat 6, and Burial cable available at additional costs.

**Promo pricing only offered for residential or commercial w/ 8 feet drop ceiling and 1 story only**

** For longer cable run, 2+ stories, and/or 9+ feet drop ceiling give us a call for a free estimate @ 512-257-1433**

**Promo pricing is limited only while supplies last**