Aeonix Touch Communication App Austin

Aeonix Touch Clients

Aeonix Touch is a modern client communications manager that enables enterprises to improve their communications both internally and externally. With excellent customer service, continuous communications with all the users, and availability no matter where they are, this communication tool is very reliable and saves time and money.

Aeonix Touch is now accessible to users on computer and via phone. This allows you to can create and receive Aeonix system calls from devices running on multiple platforms. Being able to connect your local subscriber to the Aeonix UC&C server via their local area network, the Aeonix system can be accessed worldwide.

Aeonix Touch Clients Datasheet

Key features offered with Aeonix Touch

  • Security Aeonix Touch supports secured calls (TLS/SRTP)
  • Supports Point-to-Point Video calls
  • Application accessible on mobile phone
    – Support of 3G, 4G and Wifi connections
    – Applications for Android and iOS
    – Can be used as an Aeonix Contact Center Agent phone or as a PC-less Agent
  • Application accessible on Desktop
    – Support of LAN, WAN, WAN over VPN and Wifi connections
  • Allows synchronize their personal contact list from their mobile phone
  • Instant messaging
  • Easy access to all Aeonix users and groups for communication