Allworx PX 6/2 Expander in Austin

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Expand your existing VOIP Allworx Phone System with the Allworx PX2. Business Communication Solutions specialize in Allworx Phone System in Austin and surrounding metro areas. Areas serves but not limited to: Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto, Manor, and Georgetown TX.

With a Verge IP phone on your desk and the Allworx Reach™ app on your favorite mobile devices, you can talk in the office or on the go. Without missing a beat.

Allworx phones are the most feature-rich, flexible, easy-to-use phones on the market.
Meet Allworx® Connect: Allworx Connect Brochure

It’s easy to grow your business with Allworx Connect. Not sure how many employees you’ll be adding in the future? You can always trade up from one Connect system to another with ease. Or perhaps you have an older Allworx system (6×12, 6x, 48x, or 24x) you’re looking to upgrade? Trade in for a brand new Connect system at a price that’s easy on the wallet.

Allworx Px 6/2 Expander

  • Six FXO and two FXS ports
  • Up to three units can be added to a Connect 731, 536, and 530
  • One unit can be added to a Connect 324 and 320