Affordable Call Center Phone System Austin

At Business Communication Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective, on-premises-based call center phone systems tailored for businesses in Austin. Our robust and reliable phone systems are designed to enhance your call center operations, ensuring seamless communication and increased productivity. With our affordable solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced features and customizable options without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or implement a new one, our expert team is here to provide the support and expertise you need to keep your call center running smoothly and efficiently. Choose Business Communication Solutions for an unparalleled call center phone system that meets your needs and budget.

Call center phone system Austin
Call Center phone system in Austin

Tailored PBX Solutions for Call Centers: Appliance-Based and Virtual-Based Options

At Business Communication Solutions, we understand that call centers have unique needs, which is why we offer both appliance-based and virtual-based PBX solutions. Our appliance-based PBX systems provide a dedicated, physical hardware solution that ensures robust performance and reliability, ideal for call centers that prioritize on-site control and security. For those seeking flexibility and scalability, our virtual-based PBX systems offer the perfect alternative, enabling seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and remote management capabilities. Both options come with our expert support and customizable features, ensuring that your call center operations run smoothly and efficiently. Whether you prefer the traditional stability of appliance-based PBX or the modern agility of virtual-based PBX, Business Communication Solutions has you covered, helping your call center achieve optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Xorcom CompletePBX Call Center PBX will help you optimize the time and skills of your staff and provide better customer experience without breaking your budget.

Enjoy smart queue management, unlimited IVRs, advanced reporting tools, real-time monitoring and training capabilities of PBX for Call Centers.

CompletePBX offers unlimited IVR / Auto-attendants so that you can easily create, edit and optimize sophisticated IVR trees with unlimited levels. While the auto-attendant is very powerful, its setup and management are amazingly simple.

A basic IVR for Call Center PBX can be setup within a few minutes.

Call Center PBX Queues Features

call center call queue options

Manage unlimited queues with ease and flexibility.  Make sure your callers get the right representative as quickly as possible and get the best experience while waiting in the queue.

  • Join announcement
  • Music on hold per queue
  • Ring instead music on hold
  • Announcement on hold
  • Caller position
  • Average waiting time
  • Custom announcement
  • Set announcement frequency
  • Maximum wait time
  • Maximum callers
  • Ring strategies
  • Ring All; Round Robin; Least Amount of Calls; Random; Round Robin w/Memory
  • Wrap-up time
  • Queue priority
  • VIP customers
  • Failover destination – option to send the caller somewhere else after a set amount of time
  • Caller ID prefix per queue
  • Static and dynamic agents
  • Call recording
  • Service level

This video does a good job explaining call queue for call center.

Call Center PBX Statistics Reporting Features:

To optimize a call center it is not enough to see activity in real time.  Call Center Statistics helps management understand the behavior of the users and the agents, to make sure calls are answered according to the defined service levels, that number of agents is optimized for the traffic expected per time of day, and many other important decisions that are made based on solid data.

  • Answered calls
  • Unanswered calls
  • Call distribution
  • Service level
  • Charting
  • Filters
  • Agent
  • Queue
  • Period
  • Call duration
  • Export reports
  • Notifications – email notification sent when variables exec user defined values
  • Customization options

Real-Time Supervision for Call Center PBX Features

Call Centers are dynamic.  Supervisors and agents need access to information in real time.  CompletePBX Call Center provides real time monitoring and actions that help supervisors best use their resources, train the agent, intervene when needed and do quality control and training.

  • Visual Switchboard
  • Real time queue status
  • Real time agent status
  • Talk time and idle time
  • Listen – supervisor can listen to an ongoing call
  • Whisper – supervisor can talk to agent only without the caller hearing
  • Barge – supervisor can barge into cal call, both parties hear supervisor
  • Add agent to queue
  • Remove agent from queue
  • Pause agent with status (e.g. Lunch, Paperwork, etc.)
  • Chat with agent
  • Save chats
  • Wall board
  • Queue status
  • Wait times in queues
  • Total calls in queue Abandonment rate in queue
  • Longest wait in queue
  • Waiting calls in queue
  • Agents available in queue
  • Active calls in queue
  • Agents table view
  • Queues table view

Call Center Agent PBX Features

The agents are the muscles of the call center.  In order to make sure they function at their best, they need to have a simple and efficient set of tools that will help them focus on the most important person – the caller.

  • Screen pop up (from database)
  • Chat with supervisor and other agents
  • Get help from supervisor by “whisper” feature
  • See queue status
  • See length of current call
  • See all queue stats using Wallboard
  • Easily set availability
  • Log into and out of queues
  • Wrap up time
  • Desk phone and soft phone compatible
  • Set various unavailable statuses
  • Tag calls (for later use in reports)
  • Login to/out of all queues
  • BLF log in / log out
  • Hot Desking
The Advantages of On-Premises-Based Phone Systems for Call Centers

Choosing an on-premises-based phone system over a cloud-based one offers several key advantages that are crucial for call centers. Firstly, on-premises systems provide superior control and customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific operational needs and security requirements. With on-premises solutions, data remains within the company’s physical infrastructure, reducing dependency on third-party providers and mitigating potential data privacy risks. Additionally, on-premises systems often offer better performance and reliability, as they are not subject to internet bandwidth limitations or potential outages that can affect cloud-based services. Lastly, while the initial investment in on-premises infrastructure may be higher, the long-term cost savings and avoidance of recurring subscription fees make it a more cost-effective solution for many businesses. Overall, on-premises-based phone systems offer greater control, security, and reliability, making them an excellent choice for call centers looking to optimize their operations.