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Need additional replacement handsets for users wanting greater mobility in large environments? Choose from EnGenius’s portable, long-range phone handsets. Whether you require a durable handset for rough and tough working conditions or for demanding office spaces, our FreeStyl or industry-leading DuraFon products can meet (and even surpass) your coverage needs.

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DuraFon PRO Handset

The DuraFon PRO Handset functions as a cordless phone and a two-way radio. It is durable, ruggedized and features six (6) hours of talk time or 50 hours of stand-by time before recharging. It offers extreme long-range capabilities and is hearing-aid compatible.

  • Long-Range Cordless Phone & Two-Way Radio
  • Low-Cost Communication Option Without Recurring Carrier Fees
  • Six (6) Hours Talk Time or 50 Hours Stand-by


Designed with 2-way radio walkie-talkie function, the DuraWalkie compliments the DuraFon PRO system. The DuraWalkie allows specified users to stay in touch with the home base, without requiring an outgoing telephone call—a flexible business premises mobility communications solution.

  • Designed to Work With DuraFon PRO Systems
  • Long-Range Coverage & Durable Ruggedized Design
  • Unique Call Transfer to 2-Way Radio Handset
  • Six (6) Hours Talk Time or 50 Hours Stand-By; Hearing Aid Compatible

FreeStyl 2 Handset

Individual handsets are available for the FreeStyl 2, making the system a scalable solution for growing needs. The cordless 900 MHz handsets offer reliable service with extremely long ranges. The FreeStyl 2 Base Station supports up to nine (9) handsets.

  • Extreme Range & Connectivity
  • Speakerphone, Two-Way Intercom & Broadcast
  • Scalable up to Nine (9) Handsets

DuraFon SIP Handset

The DuraFon SIP Cordless Phone System Handset is the first durable, long-range cordless phone and two-way radio. It is tested to withstand 6-foot drops over 50 times onto concrete floors without breaking.

  • Up to 12 Floors, 250,000 sq. ft., or 3,000 Acres of Coverage
  • Digital Two-Way Radio With Broadcast & Intercom
  • Proven Durability
  • Ruggedized Design

Two-Way Radio Only Handset

As part of the DuraFon premises mobility communications solution, the DuraWalkie 1X exclusively provides two-way radio functionality and can accept transferred calls. The DuraWalkie complements the DuraFon 1X system by offering users a choice in their handsets.

  • Long-Range Coverage, Durable
  • Designed to Work With EnGenius DuraFon 1X Systems
  • Two-Way Radio Capabilities With other DuraFon 1X Handsets
  • Can Receive Transferred Calls

FreeStyl 1 Handset

The EnGenius FreeStyl long-range cordless phone handsets are designed for less-demanding office and home environments. The lightweight, slim “Portable Extension” works only with the FreeStyl 1 Base Unit. Use up to nine (9) handsets per base unit.

  • Slim & Lightweight
  • Long-Range Coverage up to 6 Floors, 10 Acres, 25,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Office Style

DuraFon-UHF Handset

The dual-mode DuraFon-UHF-HC radio phone handset provides long-range cordless phone use with a UHF two-way radio. It works with the DuraFon PRO Base (sold separately), and allows communication with both UHF two-way radios and phones.

  • Telephone & UHF Two-Way Radio
  • Long-Range Coverage up to 250,000 Sq. Ft, 12 Floors, or 3,000 Acres
  • Durable Design

DuraFon 1X Handset

The DuraFon 1X Handset features a durable design for use with the DuraFon 1X Base Unit. The handset’s tested, ruggedized housing is ideal for use in industrial environments. Finely constructed and drop-tested for durability, the handsets support group chatter, push-to-talk, and private conversation capabilities.

  • Long-Range Coverage; Durable
  • Designed to Work With the EnGenius DuraFon 1X System
  • Functions as a Cordless Phone & Two-Way Radio
  • Compatible With DuraWalkie 1X