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Cameras, access point, cat 5e data cabling….

Last week, we had a call potential customer call that needed help finishing off a cabling job that another vendor started, but did not finish. We then schedule a meeting for a site survey to see what was going on. When we came on site, we had notice that none of the cables were terminated and some cables run never made it to the destination boxes. While we were walking through the building, the customer asked us if we do security cameras systems, we replied of course! I’ve asked him if it was poe, and we found out that all the cabling was already done for it, all we needed to do was terminate, install the cameras, program the system, and set it up so the customer can view from off site via smart phone, tablet (android or ios or even windows), or from a PC. As I was wrapping things up, the customer ask us if we can install the access point and program it for them, I got a bit excited as I realize there were potential for more work. In the end, we ended up doing all the work for the customers. For those companies that have a cabling crew run all their cables, but couldn’t finish the job 100% give us a call. We can help. Whether you need to add or program security cameras, setup a basic network or a complete network with windows servers, router, antivirus, and wireless access point, we can help!

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SBS2011 or Server 2008 next step…

Those you you have SBS2011 or Server 2008 or 2008r2, you know that the end of life is coming…which I believe is in 2020. You may have also hear that SBS2011 is the final version for Small Business Server. So, if you are a firm currently using SBS, what’s your next options. You can go to Server standard 2016 for your dc, Server 2016 standard for your exchange with exchange 2019. Yes, this can get costly for most small business. For some small business, the cloud is the way to go for exchange. However I’ve also seen it more cost effective to have it on site, especially when you use exchange for other things, such as lots of SMTP outgoing from printers or your database, or you simply have lots of users. Can you imagine switching everything to the cloud, the the following year, your email provider want to charge you $25.00 per month per users and you have close to 100 users? Yes, that can get expensive.