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  • Be available for the customers

    We had a call from a new potential customer last week. He runs a countertop business in Austin. He just wanted a simple small phone system that can work with what he has, 3 analog lines. He currently have a 3 handset analog based that share 1 line. Their calls volume had exceeded that 1…

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    Today, a customer called about their NEC phones system. They were having problems with one of the main line has no dial tone. Our technician called and helped them over the phone to troubleshoot the issue. With his great knowledge and long experience on this field, he obviously knew exactly where to start and found…

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  • NEC SL2100

    Last week, I’ve ran into an issue with VOIP busy signal. After troubleshooting, I’ve realized that the system has run out of voip channel resource. The system was configure for 8 sip trunks and 10 voip phones. We had configure this system with the SL2100 Main Chassis / CPU combo package (0x0x0). By default, it…

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