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Network Security

Cloud Security

From a simple cloud-only to a complex multi-cloud environment, Fortinet provides network security solutions that work effectively.  They have their own home data center that provides dependable cloud security to a lot of leading cloud providers. Fortinet cloud security’s primary strategy is to optimize the use of any application without causing any threat to the system. When using the cloud, both vendor and customer have shared responsibility.  Knowing that some vendors have minor securities having the most reliable security solutions is necessary. Fortinet is one of the most reliable cloud security in accessing, networking, and data application.  

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Endpoint Security

An endpoint is a type of communication device that connects to the network. Back then there are desktops, laptops, and handheld devices such as iPad, or cellphone. These devices can be simply protected by installing anti-virus software that scans for the signature-base of the virus and destroys it. Now, as the technology world evolves, endpoints include the Internet of Things or IoTs. Examples are smart gadgets that are connected to the internet in many homes and businesses like smart thermostats and fridges. Cybercriminals use these endpoints as one of the loopholes to get into a network. During this time many have transferred their business remotely and network security had become more and more major necessity in our technology world. Fortinet offers the merging of Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) & Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) software that simplifies protection and manages malware before it attacks your device. It also has Machine Learning (ML) that helps detect malware in an early stage. With this type of endpoint protection you can for sure go by your daily tasks without any disruption from cybercriminals.   

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Network Security – when is it sufficient?

I had a customer asked me when is network security sufficient? That’s a tough and broad question, I thought. I really didn’t have a direct easy answer to this. It really depends on what kind of business you are in, what kind of information you are trying to protect. Depending on the business, I’m pretty sure there are legal that you need to take into considerations, such as medical offices, health care, and hospitals needs to be hippa compliant. With that being said, I have a minimum that I like to set in place for most offices, then when we are done, we realize there needed to be more security. For most office, I would recommend a minimum of antivirus software on each pc/devices/server, etc. I also think most office will need some kind of firewall/router in place with some kind of way to manage threat from outside. Then of course, blocks as many ports as possible from outside and make sure everyone have super strong password with some kind of system in place to make sure password security is enforce. I also highly recommend locking up server room/network closets, etc. That would be my minimum recommendation. If you can afford to do more, then you should do more.

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Cameras, access point, cat 5e data cabling….

Last week, we had a call potential customer call that needed help finishing off a cabling job that another vendor started, but did not finish. We then schedule a meeting for a site survey to see what was going on. When we came on site, we had notice that none of the cables were terminated and some cables run never made it to the destination boxes. While we were walking through the building, the customer asked us if we do security cameras systems, we replied of course! I’ve asked him if it was poe, and we found out that all the cabling was already done for it, all we needed to do was terminate, install the cameras, program the system, and set it up so the customer can view from off site via smart phone, tablet (android or ios or even windows), or from a PC. As I was wrapping things up, the customer ask us if we can install the access point and program it for them, I got a bit excited as I realize there were potential for more work. In the end, we ended up doing all the work for the customers. For those companies that have a cabling crew run all their cables, but couldn’t finish the job 100% give us a call. We can help. Whether you need to add or program security cameras, setup a basic network or a complete network with windows servers, router, antivirus, and wireless access point, we can help!

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Importance of network security

I remember the old days when internet home user was mostly dial up.  We would dial into the internet using a 56k modem or actually 9600 baud rate modem.  Yes you heard right, for those of you who still remember, that was still state of the art.  I remember, when you wanted to check email or surf the web, you actually had to set aside time to do such thing, as you have to sit in front of a computer that has access to the internet.  Nowadays with so much access to high speed internet (business, home, hot spot, cellular, etc).  it ‘s not use an option, it’s a necessity.  With access to much high speed internet also comes with side effects.  This can be malware, spyware, ransomware, virus, pornography, spam, sexual predators, and the lists goes on.  With that being said, what are we doing to help keep our office and home safe?  There are plenty of options out there, software antivirus, endpoint security, firewalls with content filtering, email spam filtering system,  app blocker, IDP, etc.  Need help with networks security for your home and business, give us a call, let us help you take away the headache so you can focus on your life.