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Ring doorbell Surveillance Camera System

Ring door bell installation

Yesterday we had a ticket on our schedule to help customer install a ring doorbell. When we arrived, we realized that the customer had a wireless doorbell. Right next to it, was a face plate that cover where the old doorbell was. My guess is that doorbell stopped working. This can be two reasons, bad wiring or bad power supply. After we trace the cable down, we realize the the customer use to have a phone system install in this home. They had a intercom system tie to the phone system, therefore, the doorbell wiring did not had power to it. This create a small dilemma for us, we ended up ordering a power supply and have to make a second trip just to install a Ring door bell. After installing probably 30 ring door bell, we still are still on a learning curve. Welcome to the IT business!

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Ring door bell compliment most security camera systems

Last week we had a call for a customer that wanted help installing a security system that her daughter gave her as a Christmas present. So we negotiated a deal, and schedule a time to install the system. Yesterday, while installing the system for her, she ask us if we install Ring. I’ve answered or course we do. Ring has been a very popular options for lots of home, especially for homes that doesn’t want or need a full camera systems. To be ring compliment most security camera system, as for a small fee, you can have a copy of the what happens in the cloud, in case your home was broken into and the thieves steal the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Record) in stock, you still have some the recording of the ring in the cloud.