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Fortinet Branch-Office Network Security in Austin

The Importance of Branch-Office Network Security

Branch-office networks may be small in comparison to their corporate hubs, but they have an outsized influence on the organization.  Because branch offices are often focal points for business transactions, they require high-throughput connectivity to the corporate data center and to multiple cloud resources.  However, branches are also hotbeds of security vulnerabilities, with their distributed point-of-sale systems, unsecured sensors, personal mobile devices, and often, customers roaming around.  Thus, regardless of their size, branch offices need enterprise-level network security.  Organizations must make sure that such protection is both non-disruptive and affordable, so it supports competitive branch-office growth. 

FortiGate Entry-Level Next-Generation Firewalls

FortiGate entry-level next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) are best-in-class appliances that consolidate advanced security and network capabilities into a compact desktop footprint.  These affordable firewalls are purpose-built with system-on-a-chip (SOC) security processors, efficiently protecting branch offices with the industry’s highest-performance IPsec VPN, threat protection, and SSL inspection. FortiGate branch office firewalls include built-in software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) functionality, which dynamically distributes traffic across multiple WAN links, providing cost-efficient branch connectivity to resources in the corporate data center and in the cloud.  As cloud on-ramps, FortiGate branch office firewalls reduce operational expenses by enabling access to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications directly through the internet, rather than over expensive multiprotocol label-switching (MPLS) lines.For easier management of their branch-office firewalls, organizations can leverage FortiCloud, a SaaS option that offers zero-touch deployment, cloud management, extended logging, and configuration options for the FortiGate branch office firewalls.  Its single-pane-of-glass management can be used with one or multiple security appliances.  

FortiGate entry-level includes:

  • Comprehensive, advanced security in a compact desktop form-factor
  • Top-rated security validated by NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin and AV Comparatives
  • Industry’s highest threat protection, IPsec VPN, and SSL-inspection performance
  • Built-in SD-WAN capabilities to enable cloud adoption with reduced WAN cost
  • Centralized cloud management and zero-touch deployment

Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN transforms an organization’s WAN infrastructure by leveraging application-intelligent multi-link steering with enhanced self-healing capabilities and multi-cloud connectivity to deliver the best application performance at the WAN edge of branch sites.

Secure SD-WAN

FortiGate 80, 60

FortiGate 90 – 60 series appliances deliver up to 10 Gbps of firewall throughput, plus multiple, integrated 1 GE ports. This combination of performance, port density, and consolidated security features offers an ideal platform for small and medium businesses as well as distributed enterprises.
Data Sheets:   80E80F60F

FortiGate 50-30 Series

The FortiGate 50 – 30 series appliances deliver up to 5 Gbps of firewall throughput plus multiple, integrated 1 GE ports. This combination of performance, port density, and consolidated security offers an ideal platform for branch locations.
Data Sheets: 5040, 30

FortiGate Rugged Series

The FortiGate Rugged series appliances offer industrially-hardened, all-in-one security that delivers specialized threat protection for securing critical industrial and control networks against malicious attacks. 
Data sheet