Data, Phone, and Internet Cable Install in Austin

Job Description:  Installing phone and internet lines for a three-story, 21-unit condominium building in Austin, Texas

Problems: New construction Condo Due to their tight timetable, the construction site required data, phone, and internet cable connected immediately. The issue was that the builder added all these services after the drywall and insulation were completed. Normally, we would enter the area before any impediment to run our wires for an easy installation.

Solutions: BCS conducted this project would typically be finished in 3 business days, but because drywall and insulation would be involved, we calculated it would take 7 business days. Contractor agreed to our terms, and the next day, BCS arrived with our team, materials, and tools and started working. Our team leader mapped out each team member’s function and ensured that we were in compliance with the construction code.  Starting on the top floor, we all moved down to the first floor. We noted on the floor plan where the wires needed to be routed into each unit. Our crew had to remove insulation in order to retain the cables in the proper place. For the data box, which will house all the cables, drywall was taken away. There were a few minor speed bumps along the way, but we managed to get over them.

Results: As a result, all wires were ran, identified, and secured all cables; a fire block sealant was used to replace the dry wall hole; a data box was fitted; and the insulation was neatly rebuilt. Thanks to our skilled team, the job was finished in 5 business days, which was 2 days quicker than anticipated. Builder is over the moon with the quality of our work!