Ethernet Cabling and Poe Services in Austin

Business Communication Solutions offers installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, move, add, and change services for ethernet cabling and different PoE (Power Over Ethernet Devices) in Austin and surrounding areas. Why PoE? Poe has many advantages, such as cost savings, flexibility, and management. Poe is also considered low voltage, so certain devices do not require a certified electrician to install. PoE devices that we support include but are not limited to security cameras, wireless access points, PoE extenders, PoE repeaters, network PoE switches, PoE power flood lights, PoE to USB-C converters for Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface products, and Android tablets.

Ethernet Poe Cabling Installation Services in Austin

We offer ethernet cabling and Poe Installation Services. Ethernet cabling has been in very high demand in the last few decades. Poe has made ethernet cabling more convenient and flexible. Now with PoE Extender and Repeater, it has changed the way we install network devices, cameras, wireless access point, tablets, access control systems, Voip phones, network switches, and IoT devices. If you have issues with security cameras or any devices above that has issues, especially on Wifi, and would like to see if we have a different solution that would be more reliable due to new PoE extender, give us a call. We offer free consultation and estimates.

Ethernet Poe Cabling Troubleshooting Services in Austin

Business Communication Solutions offers Ethernet Poe Cables troubleshooting services. We see it often that the bigger company only wants to do the big installation job, but doesn’t want to support small jobs as there is not enough money in it. We are a smaller company. We can afford to do smaller jobs and still make a buck.

Ethernet Poe Cabling Move, Add, and Change Services in Austin

We offer ethernet cabling move, add, change services in Austin and surrounding areas. It doesn’t even matter if we install or design it or not. We have been in business since 2004. We see it often where the original vendor that install the cables and equipment went out of business, no longer wants to take on small jobs, or just didn’t want to do this type of work anymore. Whatever the reasons, that you don’t have a vendor to support you, give us a call. We can help move some cables, add a cable, move an access point, or move a door phone. There is no job too small for us.

Ethernet Poe Cabling Design Services in Austin

We offer ethernet cabling and phone device design services. There are lots of variables to think about when it comes to designing an ethernet POE infrastructure. You have to take into consideration distant, speed, power, weather, wifi signal, budget, types of cables, and what are you trying to accomplish. Any of these variables can create a challenge. Call us now for a free consultation and estimate.

Ethernet Poe Cabling Upgrade Services in Austin

Already using ethernet PoE? Would you like some help with speed or reliability? We offer Ethernet PoE troubleshooting and upgrade services. Technology is constantly evolving to help solve some problems that were challenging in the past. Last year’s problems may be an issue today. Call now for a free consultation and estimate.

Ethernet Poe Standard – Provides up to 15.4w of dc power.
IEEE802.3at – PoE+ – Provides up to 25.5w of dc power.
IEEE802.3bt – PoE++ – Provide up to 51w of dc power.

How far can Ethernet PoE Reach

With just 1 Poe switch and 1 cat 5, cat 5e, cat 6, cat 6e or higher cable Ethernet PoE can go up to 328 feet.
With 1 Poe+ switch and 1 passive ethernet PoE repeater, it can go double the distant of 656 feet.
With 1 Poe ++ switch and 2 passive ethernet PoE repeater, it can go another 328 feet for a total of 984 feet.
With 1 Poe ++ switch and 4 passive ethernet PoE repeater, ethernet PoE can reach distant of 1600′ or 500Meter.
Note: Depending on power requirement of devices, you may need PoE+ or PoE++ switch and distant will be less.
Note: Example of high power device that require PoE+ or PoE++ includes but not limited to: Video conferencing system, laptops, TV, Pan/tilt/zoom cameras, Alarm Systems.

Things to consider when dealing with Ethernet PoE Devices
  • Speed Requirement – Depending on the distance, your speed may be slower then the maximum speed possible.
  • Power Requirement—Depending on how much power you require, how many devices you need to power, what kind of devices, and how much power each device consumes, we must do a power calculator to make sure everything will work as designed.
  • Type of devices – Different PoE devices require different speed and power requirement. Example a standard PoE VOIP phone likely us 802.3af standard which provide up to 15.4 Watts and a Video phone will likely require more power which will require 802.3at standard which provides up to 25.5 Watts.

Check our our Ethernet PoE Products in Austin:
Indoor and Outdoor Poe Powered Switch
Indoor and Outdoor PoE Powered Extender

Ethernet PoE – FAQ

I’m getting quotes from other vendors. They are telling me the only way I can make data work past 328 feet is with Fiber or Wi-Fi. Is that True? Why would I choose Ethernet PoE over Fiber? Isn’t Fiber better?

That is a tricky question. At one point, it was true. However, technology has evolved, and PoE extenders are relatively new. Although it came out over a decade ago, it hasn’t gained popularity until recent years. Ethernet PoE has 1 major advantage over fiber in some cases. The biggest reason for choosing Ethernet PoE over Fiber for us have been power. Power over Ethernet provides power to the end devices: Wireless Access Point, PoE Powered Poe Switch, Security Cameras. While fiber data transmission can go substantially longer distant, it does require power. In come case, the location that you want to install these devices does not have power, that’s when PoE Powered PoE Devices has the advantage.

What is the furthest distant you can go with Ethernet PoE

We have implemented Extended PoE up to 300 meters or 984 feet. We also have solutions for 500 Meters. However, this requires the endpoint location to have power. Please note: We only have one device at the end of this daily chain PoE extender. It was a low-power consumption device with an IP camera with no Zoom, Tilt, or Pan. It was a basic camera that consume less than 15W of power. If you are needing to install a device or multiple devices that consumes more power, please give us a call. We offer free consultation and estimate.

We recently replace an AP that went out. We plug in the device, but it does not power on. Can you help?

Hi, yes, we can. We offer troubleshooting services for ethernet cabling, PoE devices, and even network troubleshooting. Could you call us now? 512.257.1433