Hikvision Access Control in Austin

Hikvision is dedicated to spearheading the future of AIoT by providing cutting-edge machine perception, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies to a variety of industries. With a wealth of intelligent products, Hikvision work to identify and satisfy a variety of demands by putting intelligence at your fingertips. With creative AIoT applications, Hikvision are committed to enabling every person to enjoy a better future by creating an intelligent world that is more convenient, efficient, and secure. Alarm systems, access control, and video security are just a few of the physical security items that Hikvision offers. Additionally, Hikvision offer end users additional applications and opportunities for safety management and business intelligence with their AI-powered integrated security solutions. Quality control and dependability have been essential elements of Hikvision’s success. Material quality, design innovation, manufacturing quality, and end-to-end quality services are all included in the complete lifecycle quality management process.

Hikvision’s Access Control Solution offers comprehensive measures for specific scenarios with high security requirements and emergency protocols, in addition to enabling quick access through different verification and identification technologies. Utilizing a logical architectural design, the GS-AC0X is a family of robust and reliable access controllers. TCP/IP and Wiegand communication are used by the uplink and downlink, respectively. Its signal can be operated offline and is processed using a unique encryption. Anti-tampering function is also supported.


  • GS-AC01 Single-door Access Controller
  • GS-AC02 Double-door Access Controller
  • GS-AC04 Four-door Access Controller


  • 32 Bit High Speed Processor
  • TCP/IP Network communication
  • W26 / W34 Wiegand Compatible
  • Accessible Card Reader: 4 Wiegand Readers 
  • Input Interface: 2 Door Magnetic, 2 Door Switch,
      2 Case Input
  • Storage with 10,000 Cards Information and
      50,000 Access Control Events
  • UL Listed

Value 1802 Card Reader (EM & MF & Keyboard)

  • Mifare1 / EM card reader
  • PC+ABS material shell
  • Built-in audible beeper
  • Wiegnad interface
  • IP65


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