Home/Residential Cabling Services in Austin

Data Cabling Services for residential in Austin

Business Communication Solutions offers data cabling services for home and residential in Austin and surround cities. Whether you need 1 data cable run or a new home prewire for cat 6 data cables, give us a call. Let us make your home future proof all your information technology needs, whether it’s work related or simply playing online games at faster speed.

Wireless Access Point Installation Services in Austin

Tired of wifi signal constantly dropping or weak at certain area of your home? Let us help you install a wireless access point at that location that will tie to your network via a hard wire Cat 6 Data cable. This will help minimized data loss, give you much better wifi signal.

Computer and Networking Services in Austin

Need help setting up a basic network for your home? Need to make sure all your network devices are working properly and stable? Networking devices can be: Cameras, TV, PC, Computer, Sound Systems, Printer, Smart Light, Alexa, Smart Thermostat, etc. When these devices are not setup on the network properly, it can cause network to be unstable. If you an unstable network, and you need a tech to help you troubleshoot, give us a call.

TV Mounting Services in Austin and surrounding cities

Business Communication Solutions offer TV mounting services in Austin and surround cities. Rest assure your tv will be leveled and secure. Whether you need a 32″ TV or multiple large screen TV mount and install, give us a call.

Home Theater and Surround sound installation services in Austin

Business Communication Solutions offer Home Theater and surround sound services in Austin and surrounding cities. Whether you just want some speakers wire run and hidden for your 5.1 surround sound system, or want a full 7.1 sound system install, give us a call.

TV Antenna Installation in Austin

Cut the cable and get rid of your monthly TV services costs. Get HDTV channels for free. Want a TV Antenna Install on your roof that will connect to all the TV in the house? Give us a call.