Home Wired and Wireless Network Setup and Installation Services

We are a network cabling contractor that offers wired and wireless networking services for homes and businesses in Austin, Texas, and surrounding cities. We offer indoor and outdoor equipment and installation services.

Home Wired Networking Services in Austin

Business Communication Solutions offer complete services wired networking services in Austin and surrounding cities. It all starts with a conversation. What are you trying to accomplish? Whether you want to setup a reliable network at home so you can work from home, or you trying to resolve a problems of your TV constantly cutting off while watching a movie, give us a call. Let us help you design and install a system that is reliable.

Home Network Troubleshooting Services in Austin

Do you already have a system in place? It’s just not working as well as you expect. Your current vendor doesn’t respond? We get this often. We can help you troubleshoot and fixed the issues. Call us now for a free consultation and estimate.

Home Wireless Networking Services in Austin

Would you like to avoid being tied to a desk? Would you prefer to roam around the house, indoors and outdoors? We offer wireless network setup and installation. Technology has changed and improved in the last decade, so problems that existed before may not be problems today. We offer multiple wired and wireless technologies to help improve networking overall. Give us a call now. Our estimates are FREE.

Home Network Upgrade Services in Austin

Do you already have a system that was installed a while back? Speed is slow? Internet is intermittent? It may be time for an upgrade. We offer upgrade services. Even if you did not originally buy from us. Call us now for a free consultation and estimate.

Outdoor wireless network setup and installation

Wireless Network Swimming Pool Installation

Do you have a pool with no or poor wireless network signal? We offer outdoor data cabling and wireless network setup.

Wireless Network Back Yard Installation

Do you have a big backyard that you wanted to have a wireless network setup?

Wireless Network Setup in Cul De Sac

Do you live in the Cul De Sac? Do your kids love to play outside? You need wireless network so you can work outdoor? We have installed wireless access point that can reach and provide network services from outside of your home. Call us now for a consultation and estimate.

Wired Network to extend network to a metal barn building

Do you have multiple buildings on your property? Need to extend wired or wireless network services to these buildings? We offer free consultation and estimates. Call us now.

Budget: What does it cost to set up my home Wireless Network

It’s hard give an estimate without information such as:

  • What size square footage is your home?
    Do you want a wired and wireless network?
    Do you need wireless network outdoor?
    Which area do you want your wireless network to cover?
    What kind of speed to you want?
    Do you currently already have a network in place?
    What are you using your network for?

Here are some example of prices:

Scenario 1 – You have an internet service provider. They provide the router and wireless network. There is one area of the house you can’t get signal or signal is weak. Here, we simply run a Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable for you. Install and program the wireless access point for you.
Our prices starts at $225.00 plus taxes. That includes 1 cable run, 1 wireless 6 access point, and labor to setup and configure the access point.

Scenario 2 – You have an internet service provider. You have a 1500 sq feet home. They only provide an ethernet connection. You just need a wireless router setup. We would simply install a wireless router for you. Depending on the cost of the router and your requirement, this can be under $200.00 plus taxes.

Scenario 3 – You have internet in your main home already. Everything works good. You want to extend wireless internet into the pool area. Depending on how hard it is for us to run the cable to the exterior of your home, prices may vary. In the case, if you only need 1 cable and 1 wireless access point, this scenario too, can start at $225.00 plus taxes.