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Computer Recovery / Repair

In the event of an operating system or hardware breakdown, we may assist in returning a computer or server to its prior configuration. We determine which computer data are corrupted or hidden, then fix the problem. Reverse scanning and other mechanical problems can be fixed, along with maintaining computer hardware. Software / hardware updates, installation, configuration, recovery, and repair.

Network Backup

The process of replicating all important data to a backup server from all devices, endpoints, and nodes. This guarantees that the information is kept safe in a safe location. Network backup lowers the possibility of human mistake, increases the scalability and manageability of storage, automates backups, and strengthens disaster recovery capabilities.

IT Management Help Desk Support

We can assist your company by giving staff members technological support so they can return to serving clients. We will be available to assist via phone or email in the event that technical problems occur. Your company will run more efficiently and spend less money when it has IT support. In addition to increasing data security, it will increase staff productivity, retention, and attrition reduction.

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Need help with IT services
Frustrated and overworked businessman covering his head with a laptop computer ontop asking for help
  • Are you frustrated about your computer network?
  • Are you worried about downtime?
  • Do you want a check and balance in place, so you don’t have to rely on one employee to manage your IT services?
  • Are you concern with Cyber Security and compliance issues?
  • Is your business going thru growing pian? As your business grows, so will your needs.
  • Do you need to keep you IT cost manageable?
  • Is your existing IT company not too responsive or not responsive at all?
  • Do you feel that your existing IT company fees are way too unreasonable?
  • Does your existing IT company have too many IT personnel that are inexperience?
  • Did your existing IT administrator quits or move out of town?
  • Does your existing IT company only provide remote support, every time you have problems, they are spending too much time being the eyes, ears, and hands of the IT company?
  • Does your existing IT company have no confidents in their existing IT process?
  • Are you in need of someone to identify problems before they occur which can help minimize network downtime?

If you are a business owner and answered YES to any of the questions above, you are in need of IT management support. Whatever the reasons are, if you need help with troubleshooting network, servers, active directory, DNS, exchange server, SQL server, give us a call 512.257.1433 We offer 1st hour free consultations and free estimate.

We are a locally owned business in Austin Texas and have been servicing Austin and surrounding areas since 2004.

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