Reolink Flood Light PoE Security Camera Installation in Austin

Problem: The customer’s vehicles were burglarized overnight while parked in the driveway. The absence of security cameras resulted in a lack of evidence for law enforcement. Aware that his family was at home during the incident, he knew he had to act quickly to enhance their security.

Solution: Install two Reolink Flood Light PoE Security Cameras, one for the driveway and another for the backyard. (Gift Package #2)

Result: During the consultation with the homeowner, it became apparent that their driveway and backyard lacked lighting. The optimal solution was to install two Reolink floodlight cameras. These cameras provide 1800 lumens, a built-in siren, motion detection, and a 180° panoramic view, sufficient to cover the entire driveway. The presence of this camera can deter potential burglars and other offenders from attempting a break-in. Cables were routed from the outside of the house to the attic and subsequently to the router’s location. The implementation of a PoE Power Injector (included) eliminated the need for an electrician to install an additional outlet, resulting in significant cost savings for the homeowner. Additionally, opting for a micro-SD card (included) for storage over an NVR provided even further savings. After job was completed, our technician helped homeowner how to use the Reolink app and its features. He was immensely relieved to know that he and his family were protected.