Rosslare Access Control in Austin

Having been in business for more than 40 years, Rosslare is a global provider of security equipment. Protecting people, buildings, and physical assets from a variety of dangers is their mission. Access control systems from Rosslare enable security and privacy while also increasing efficiency and reducing operating expenses. Access control systems by Rosslare are utilized in a variety of settings, such as commercial, residential, educational, and industrial. They address the whole range of applications and conditions, including severe situations and all-weather systems, with their extensive variety of adaptable access control products and accessories.

Rosslare Networked Control Panels Brochure

The Rosslare AC-825IP 6-door Network control panel is available from BCS, and expansion uses AES 128-bit encryption for safe communication. The server is connected to all access points via TCP/IP. It is capable of managing 100,000 users and up to 58 doors with the AC-825IP control panel. The AC-825IP is a fully-managed platform with digital logic, nonvolatile memory, and a backup battery that allows it to maintain all access rules even in the event of a network or power outage. Include onboard TCP/IP networking with AES 128-bit/256-bit data encrypition to an AxTraxNG / AxTraxPro management software server.

Key Features & Advantage:

  • Scalable and flexible – fits a wide range of applications
  • Elevated number of access points per IP – supporting up to 12 expansions per controller
  • Schedulers for door automation and access control policies
  • Ability to Operate in Offline Mode
  • Anti-Passback rules with a maximum of 16 credentials per user to prevent unauthorized access
  • Configuring Access Point Interlock is simple.
  • “PUSH” and other advanced communications provide less network load and increased efficiency.

AC-825IP Network Controller Datasheet

AxTraxNG and AxTraxPro – Rosslare All-purpose Access Control Management Software

  • Web Management Interface
  • OSDP V2 Secure Channel
  • Enhanced Security
  • End to End Security
  • Lockdown
  • Identity management
  • Alarm management and reporting
  • Video integration
  • Access control policies
  • Integrated biometrics
  • Ironclad software security
  • Car parking management
  • Time and attendance

AxTraxNG & AxTraxPro Brochure

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