Server Installation, Setup, and Maintenance

BCS-Telecommunications, Networking & Cabling Services in Austin

Business Communication Solutions offers server installation, setup, migration, and maintenance. Over the years, we have customer come to us with all sorts of challenges.

Here are some reasons why customer have come to us and ask us to help them take control of network:

  • Their existing IT company are not too responsive or not responsive at all.
  • They feel that the existing IT company fees are way too unreasonable.
  • The existing IT company have too many IT personnel that are still too inexperience.
  • Their existing IT administrator quits or move out of town.
  • Their existing IT company only does only remote support, every time they have problems, they are spending too much time being the eyes, ears, and hands of the IT company.
  • They don’t have confident in their existing IT process.

Whatever the reasons are, if you need help with troubleshooting network, servers, active directory, dns, exchange server, sql server, give us a call.  We offer 1st  hour free consultations and free estimate .