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Surveillance Camera System

We are pleased to announce due to requests and demands, we are now selling, servicing, and installing video surveillance system.  It was a process to get certified and licensed, but it was well worth it.  Did you know that most burglary happens during the day time?  I first thought it happens at night, but after going through some training, I’ve learn that most burglary happens during the day time.  I guess in a way it make sense, burglars typically try to avoid being seen, so they normally try to do it when people are most likely at work.  Typically between 10 am and 3pm.  With that being said, camera system have been getting more and more affordable.  It use to cost thousands for a low end system, now depending on how many cameras and the quality you require, it you can still get a decent system installed for hundreds.  That’s a big drop in prices.  Even with the lower end cameras, the quality are still decent compare to what it used to be.

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