TV Mounting Service in Austin

Problem: The customer bought 6 TVs and mounts, only to discover that the mounts purchased were incorrect. Additionally, the customer requested 6 hardwire data run and assistance mounting TVs.

Solution: Install five 65-inch and one 40-inch TVs using the appropriate mounting hardware. Run six hardwired data cables for each TV.

Results: Utilizing Cat5e cables, we established connections from each TV to the MDF room, ensuring a more stable and faster connection than Wi-Fi. For a neat appearance, all wires were organized and concealed. Each cable was terminated and appropriately labeled. We installed a keystone single port faceplate and brush plate at every TV location. Regarding the TVs, we consulted with the customer on the mounting locations and heights. In the conference room, three 65″ TVs would be mounted, with two side by side and one towards the back to ensure visibility for all employees. The training room will have two 65″ TVs mounted side by side, and the office will feature one 40″ TV mounted centrally on the wall. The customer was so pleased with our work that they requested our services again to install two access points.