TV Mounting Services in Austin and surrounding cities

Professional technician with screwdriver adjusting the TV and securing it after mounting it.
Professional technician with screwdriver installing modern flat screen TV in an Austin home.

Need to mount a TV – sound simple? That depends

What Tools will I need?
Do I have an outlet behind the TV already?
Will my TV be level?
How do I hide the wires?
Will my TV be reliable when streaming?
Wi-Fi or wired?
Will it be safe and secure?
Fix mount, tilt mount, or full-motion mount?
Standalone, sound bar, or full-blown movie theater audio?
Does it need to integrate with other equipment?
Is it a single TV or multiple TV
Am I getting rid of cable?
Do I want an HD Antenna to save on my monthly bill?
Do I have studs behind my TV?
How do I find the studs?
Does stud finder work?
Where do I mount my TV?
Is this a one person job?
How much will it cost?