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Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

A VFL is extremely useful when troubleshooting fiber. They are the first tool to start any installation and most troubleshooting. They’re compact tools and very affordable so that every employee should be equipped with one. Before starting any installation, begin with confirming that your fiber is good. By using a VFL prior to installation, you’ll be able to verify if the fiber that you were provided or purchased has continuity from one end to the other end. If you are not receiving continuity from one and to the other, it will save you time from installing something bad to begin with and realizing after the installation is completed or even being accused of damaging the fiber during installation. It’s good practice to use a VFL as soon as you received fiber from your vendor to save you the time and trouble of having to return or deal with the headache on whose fault it was on damaging the fiber. VFL are helpful during troubleshooting. It can help locate cable, identified polarity, and some cases locate fault (tight bend, breaks, and bad connectors).

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