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We had a customer that call us last week. They were a small start up company that we had did a very small cable job for about 4 years ago. Initially we ran 4 data cables, installed 4 data jack, and use router/modem provided by their ISP (Internet Service Provider). About a year ago, they call us again, and ask us to help them expand their office. We ended up running about 24 data cables for them, set them up with a firewall with unified threat management, antivirus on all pc, and a Wildix VOIP phone system, which is also a hosted cloud based pbx. Last week we were very excited to get a call from them. They wanted us to run over 100 data cables for them, help them setup a dual internet router as they needed more bandwidth and wanted to avoid any internet outages. We are so blessed to have customer that does well. When our customer do well, we do well.

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