Zoom Collaboration Bundle in Austin

Aeonix Zoom Collaboration Bundle

Zoom Collaboration Bundle
Zoom Meeting with headset and laptop

Aeonix Zoom Collaboration Bundle

Tadiran Telecom recently developed a collaboration that integrates the Zoom Cloud Communications platform with Tadiran’s award-winning Aeonix unified communication (UC) platform.  

The new bundle offers users the ability to easily connect concurrently, allowing them to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. The integration of Zoom with Aeonix provides a user-friendly platform with state-of-the-art technology tools such as video conferencing, chat, file sharing, voicemail, and more. This combination makes connectivity and production easier but has powerful capabilities that help streamline operations for businesses of any size.

​The bundle also includes various collaboration options. The ability to initiate a Zoom meeting from within Aeonix. Join a Zoom meeting hosted on other services. Schedule meetings using Tadiran’s Outlook Plugin. Users can also take advantage of secure VoIP for enhanced audio quality and hassle-free scalability. 

​By combining the strengths of Zoom and Aeonix, organizations will be able to take full advantage of their powerful unified communication capabilities. With this new and improved collaboration, users will enjoy an easy-to-use solution and are sure to experience better productivity, efficiency, and cost-saving.