Access Point Install in Austin

Problem: Business owner recently expanded to lower level and requested installation for 3 access points and a hardwired for a printer which he purchased.

Solution: Run 4 hardwired cables from 4th floor to second floor and install 3 access points and 1 wall port for printer.

Results: Our technician installed Cat 6 and Cat5e cables from the MDF room on the 4th floor to the 2nd floor of the new location. We sectioned off the specific area where the cables needed to be laid. Feeding the cables through the drop ceilings presented no issue until we encountered the challenge of dropping the cable into the pipe due to limited space. We managed by fastening the cables securely with electrical tape and carefully threading them down the pipe. After the cables reached the second floor, they were routed to the designated spots for access points and the printer. After terminating all drops, we installed a keystone single port faceplate for the printer. Once the termination was complete, we mounted all access points to the ceiling. The customer was so pleased with our work that he called us back a few days later to install an additional access point.