Yealink Phone and Devices Austin

Yealink USB DECT Antenna

Yaelink USB Dect Antenna

‐ Enable any 1 DECT cordless handset as a second handset for desk phone. Good for attendant that needs to leave their desk and take their phone with them. (no separate SIP add‐on seat registration needed)
Enable the T58V phone to host up to 5 DECT cordless handsets—all with their own separate
SIP seat registration and extension number. (small office /small warehouse application)

Yealink CP700

‐ 2 Bulit in speakers with microphones
– allows you to be paired with laptop/cellphone
‐ can be used universally, as a personal speaker, in a small conference table or Huddle room
-connected to any T4, T5 phone via Bluetooth (BT41 Bluetooth adapter also needed)
‐ up to 9 hours of talk on full charge

Yealink CP900

‐ 6 High-quality Built-in speakers with microphones
‐ can be used as a medium conference room and paired with any T4, T5 phone via Bluetooth (BT41 Bluetooth adapter also needed). Phone typically sits on credenza with CP900
used in center of conference table.
-can be used as a personal full speakerphone paired with laptop/cellphone
‐ battery life up to 9 hours of talk on full charge

Yealink Meeting Kit for Small and Huddle Rooms
(Device UVC30-CP900-BYOD)

Yealink UVC30-CP900-BYOD kit datasheet

Kit includes
CP900– 6 speaker full duplex Bluetooth speaker
UVC30– High quality Conference camera (accessible to mount on Monitor or TV by USB
BYOD– USB-C Audio/Video adaptor hub; allows you to connect all devices on one connector. (2 USB‐A, 1 HDMI, USB‐C power to laptop)

Cordless handset and Base Station Duo kit

– Seamlessly compatible with Yealink full-range up to 10 DECT cordless handsets.
– Ideal for small- and medium-sized business
– 35 hour talk time / 400 hour stand by time
– optimized wireless communication experience for mobile working