Astribank: USB gateway for Asterisk IP PBX

Xorcom usb Gateway Astribank module for PBX in Austin

Astribank: USB gateway for Asterisk IP PBX

Astribank is a versatile USB-gateway specifically designed for the Asterisk IP-PBX. Astribank supports all the common telephony interfaces for lines (trunks) and extensions: FXS, FXO, BRI, E1/T1 PRI, T1 CAS and E1 R2. The Astribank driver is a part of the standard Asterisk distribution.


Astribank is LAN-independent and supports TwinStar high availability.  Using Xorcom’s unique XPP technology, a single Astribank unit may provide as much as 32 analog ports, 16 PRI ports, and mixed analog and digital ports in the same unit, saving rack space and providing highly efficient and reliable way to create a hybrid VoIP PBX that supports traditional lines and/or extensions.

Benefits of the USB interface

The USB 2.0 interface supplied with the Astribank server guarantees a reliable, extremely high bandwidth, a hot-pluggable solution that is not dependent on LAN or a PRI PCI card. A single USB 2.0 port can theoretically support over 3,000 concurrent calls. The reliable, USB connection and Xorcom’s unique XPP protocol ensures capabilities such as reliable fax support, transparent synchronization between Astribank units, an auxiliary system interface, and more.


  • Maximum number of built-in analog ports: 32
  • Maximum number of E1 / T1 ports: 16
  • Maximum number of BRI ISDN ports: 8
  • Maximum number of telephony modules: 4
  • Maximum number of telephony ports: 54 (E1 PRI/R2/CAS + 24 analog ports)


Echo Cancellation moduleVoice enhancement & echo cancellation (optional)
Analog Lines Fail-overIn a case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction, up to six analog PSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions.
I/O PortsInput/Output ports for Asterisk peripheral device support (model-specific)
Rapid PA™Public Address capability for FXS port(s) (optional and model-specific)

Astribank USB Gateway Specifically designed for Asterisk Open Source PBX systems

Astribank was designed for Asterisk systems from the get-go.  For this reason, Astribank USB gateway is natively supported in Asterisk IP PBX systems. Xorcom’s Astribank drivers are an integral part of Asterisk since 2006. Unlike VoIP gateways, Astribank units are centrally managed via Asterisk allowing both the flexibility and scalability of a gateway while being a fully integrated part on the PBX like a telephony card. In Xorcom CompletePBX systems Astribank is managed via the system GUI in a native way (version 5.0 and up).

Scalable and Flexible

A single Astribank gateway supports various combinations of analog and/or digital telephony lines and trunks. See the Configurations tab in the table for suggested configurations. Furthermore, the Astribank design allows users to let the system grow along with their telephony needs. Astribank supports all the available Xorcom Telephony Interface Modules. The digital modules (PRI and BRI) support individual software activation of each port (up to four ports per PRI module, and up to eight ports per BRI module). Each Astribank unit may be populated with 1-4 Telephony Interface Modules, including a mix of different interface types in the same Astribank unit.