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VR (Interactive Voice Response) vs Auto-Attendant in VoIP Systems, differences and commonalities between IVR and Auto-Attendant explained

IVR Software (Interactive Voice Response) and Auto-Attendant Explained

IVR Software (Interactive Voice Response), or auto-attendant in VoIP (Voice Over IP) Systems, can be as simple as a single menu (e.g. “press 1 for Sales, 2 for Technical Support or 3 to order service”) or as complex as a large tree of menus that interconnect.

Both auto attendant and IVR aim at increasing efficiency, by letting users choose the options they are looking for and reach the relevant information or representative without having to wait a long time in the queue just to have a person ask them what they are looking for.

Efficiency vs. Service in IVR Systems

A good IVR setup can significantly increase the organization’s phone interaction efficiency, by quickly matching between a caller and the right representative without having employees wasting time on finding out who the caller needs to reach.  However, incorrect setup of the IVR or auto-attendant, or lack of maintenance thereof, might create a bad user experience and leave callers without proper service or with a bad taste in their mouth.

Xorcom CompletePBX IVR Menu Management Interface

All Xorcom CompletePBX VoIP systems feature free, unlimited IVR/Auto-attendant.  This IVR may be used as a simple Auto-Attendant, integrated with 3rd party database or as a stand-alone IVR.
CompletePBX IVR is very simple to setup and navigate through as an admin, which makes it a flexible marketing and customer service tool for the organization.

IVR Flexibility and Ease of Use

IVRs need to be flexible.  Requirements and services change over time, organizations test and optimize, grow and shrink and the IVR should always have the correct and optimal setup.  The best way to achieve that is by making sure the IVR is easy enough to manage so that it can be managed by a person inside the organization.  Replacing voice recording, changing menu options or even creating new menus should be a simple task that does not consume a lot of time and does not require long training.

This way the IVR can always be in sync with the latest state of affairs and become a dynamic marketing and service tools to make sure customers get the best experience possible, while the organization doesn’t waste resources.

VR Voice Recording – Pro from the Get-go

It is a good idea to have an external professional person record the greetings and IVR menu instructions.  It is not recommended to use any of the organization’s employees.  The reason for that is that a professional narrator sounds… well, professional.  Also, an employee may leave the organization at some stage, and further recordings will have to be made with a different voice.  While it may sound like a small issue, callers immediately pick those differences up and the experience is not as smooth.

Unlike twenty years ago, customized voice recordings are now very affordable and worth the investment.