VoIP PBX Extensions, Upgrades and Add-ons

Xorcom Peripherals Devices in Austin

Simplify and Extend the Usability and Reliability of Your IP-PBX

USB Hub for Multiple Astribank Configurations

This four-port USB hub has been tested and sized specifically for Xorcom 2U height IP-PBX models.

Configurations involving multiple Astribanks often require use of a USB hub to connect them to the Asterisk server.

In order to ensure a positive user experience, we branded a 4-port model that has proven itself in our lab tests. Its dimensions allow it to be affixed easily and aesthetically to the rear panel of our 2U height IP-PBX models:

  • C/XR2000 – for SMB
  • C/XE2000 – for SMB (enhanced)
  • C/XR3000 – for Enterprise
  • C/XE3000 – for Enterprise (enhanced)
  • CXT3000 – Blue Steel 3000
  • CXT4000 – Blue Steel 4000

Enable activation/deactivation of peripheral devices and various call-handling scenarios

The FXS models support I/O ports. The two output ports enable activation/deactivation of peripheral devices by dialing an extension number.

A popular example of output port usage is to open a door by dialing an extension. The four input ports create an off hook event in Asterisk. The dial plan can be configured to use this function to dial an extension, play a message, send an email, activate another device using the output ports, etc.

Examples of possible input port usage include forwarding a call to specific numbers, and playing a pre-recorded message if the fire/burglar alarm goes off.

Geometrically Increase Your IP-PBX Hard-Drive Reliability with RAID1 Support

RAID1 Support in Xorcom IP-PBX

In the Xorcom implementation of RAID1, two hard disks are supplied.

The diagram at right illustrates RAID1 with the two disks (Disk 0 and Disk 1) over one logical volume, with all blocks replicated/mirrored from Disk 0 to Disk 1. If the active hard disk fails, the second hard-disk automatically takes over and an alarm e-mail is sent to the system administrator. The Xorcom XE2000 IP-PBX or XE3000 IP-PBX unit continues to work seamlessly, and the system administrator can schedule a planned replacement of the faulty disk at a convenient time.

PSTN Telecom Connector

Telecom Connector Option (TCO)

To streamline installation of multi-port systems, the TCO unites all FXS and/or FXO ports on the Xorcom unit into a single telecom connector on the rear panel.

The TCO is supplied with 3 meters (~9 ft) telecom cable by default. If you require a longer cable, here are three options:

  1. Order a 6 meter (18 foot) cable from Xorcom
  2. Buy a 78-pin high-density male D-type connector and make your own cable (view TCO cable specifications)
  3. Disassemble the connector from the cable and solder your own long cable

Public Address System for IP-PBX

Rapid PA™ Allows You to Create a Public Address System Based on Your Telephone Equipment

Each Rapid PA unit is equipped with 2 RJ11 ports. The ‘PBX’ port connects directly to an Astribank FXS port and the ‘PA’ connection connects to the PA ‘line in’ (‘audio in’) port. The PA device itself can be anything from a standard personal computer speaker with an internal amplifier to an industrial-strength amplifying system.

IP-PBX Backup & Restore Utility

PBX Backup and Recovery Made Simple

Rapid Recovery™ enables simple, safe and speedy recovery of Xorcom’s IP-PBX solutions. In just a few minutes, this utility can restore and recover the Xorcom IP-PBX, including its configuration files and voice prompts, if desired.

VoIP Hardware Echo Cancellation

Xorcom’s hardware echo cancellation module is an alternative to the OSLEC software echo cancellation solution typically used in Asterisk systems.

  • Hardware Echo Cancellation Reduces Server CPU Load and Enhances Voice Quality
  • Hardware Echo Cancellation Module Increases Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported

Simple PSTN Analog Lines Fail-Over Solution for IP-PBX

Suits any Asterisk® based IP-PBX that uses Xorcom’s XPP™ technology

P/N XR0128

In case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction, up to six analog PSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions using this analog lines fail-over module.