Xorcom Hotel Phone Systems – VoIP PBX for Hospitality

Xorcom Hotel Business Telephone Systems in Austin

Micros Oracle certified Hotel PBX (Private Branch Exchange) – Xorcom hotel phone systems with Complete-Concierge PMS interface utilizes existing infrastructure while improving efficiency.

Xorcom offers a broad range of phone systems appliances and virtual PBX that may be installed on premise or in the cloud. Xorcom hotel IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems provide advanced call features, utilize existing infrastructure and improve business processes in the hospitality sector.

With the Complete Concierge PMS interface, Xorcom can interface to various PMS systems to take care of smooth check-in/check-out process, report room status and minibar and manage wakeup calls. Being able to administer large numbers of analog extensions side-by-side with VoIP extensions and trunks, while keeping system management transparent and coherent, makes Xorcom an excellent choice for hotels with existing analog infrastructure to the rooms.

Complete-Concierge PMS Interface

The Complete-Concierge PMS Interface transfers information between the Xorcom Hotel PBX and the hotel PMS and vice versa, to keep the two systems synchronized.  When new guest checks in, the PBX automatically open his or her extension for calls, set the caller ID with the guest name, set the guest’s language and open a voicemail box for the guest.  It will also start the call accounting for that specific guest.

When a guest checks out, the reverse will happen – the extension will lose its call permissions, voicemail will be cleaned, and caller ID and language set to default.  Call accounting will end, and the guest will be billed via the PMS.

In addition, room status and minibar features allow the staff to report the status of the room via the phone, and the front desk sees it in real time in the PMS.

Guest and front desk may set up wakeup calls and Do Not Disturb status.

Xorcom Hotel Phone Systems Overview

  • VoIP, analog & digital integral support
  • Enables Leveraging existing hotel infrastructure, such as cabling and analog phone sets
  • PMS integration
  • Advanced call features
  • Class of service
  • Permission management
  • Easy to manage
  • Switchboard
  • Reasonable cost

Hotel Phone System Main Feature

  • Switchboard
  • Call Statistics: per agent, time, queue and more
  • Class of service
  • Multiple devices per extension (room)
  • Auto attendants (unlimited)
  • Direct dial to voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Paging
  • Ring groups
  • Custom messages
  • Music on hold
  • Fax-to-mail
  • Call monitoring
  • Message waiting indicator