Computer Repair in Austin

We offer on-site computer repair services for home and small business. Desktop computers typically last two to three years, but with proper care, they can survive up to eight years. Give us a call to see if we can save you money by repairing your computer before you upgrade to a new one that will cost money whether is a desktop or laptop. We are skilled in installing and upgrading software, building or configuring new hardware, and setting up and managing computer networks.

What we offer:

> All PC Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

> Hardware Diagnosis and Replacement

> Virus, Malware, & Spyware Removal

> Software Installation

> Operating System Update / Upgrade

Power Issues: PC not turning on or inoperative startup…

There could be multiple reasons why a computer won’t turn on, for example faulty power supply, internal wiring, damaged motherboard or hardware, malfunctioning power button.

Operating System Optimization:

The practice of enhancing an operating system’s (OS) performance, security, and dependability through configuration adjustments, file deletions, driver updates, and patch installations is known as OS optimization.

Virus/Malware Removal

Have you noticed that your computer is running slowly, that it takes ages to start up, that it sometimes shuts down or restarts unexpectedly, and that certain files are disappearing?  At BCS we can help fully removed unwanted software with the aid of malicious software removal programs and perform computer updates.

Computer hardware repair

Hardware Upgrade or Replacement:

Hard drives, RAM, network cards, power supplies, and other parts of computers may experience wear and tear over time and need to be upgraded or replaced. At BCS, we disassemble, fix, or replace broken hardware components in addition to installing, configuring, and troubleshooting hardware devices and peripherals. We inspect and test hardware equipment following installation to make sure it is operating properly.

Frustrated with your IT services

Internet Issues

Are you experiencing sluggish or absent internet? Allow us to handle it so you may resume your work. We recognize that experiencing a disruption or slowdown in your internet can be extremely stressful for individuals who depend on it for work, education, business, and other reasons. We can help assist you in identifying and resolving any internet-related issues. Should you require assistance with installing, configuring, relocating, or maintaining an AP router, we provide computer and network services. We can also provide installation of a hard-wired network jack if needed.

Yes, we offer both residential and commercial services.

That is contingent upon the nature of your problems and the hardware you presently own. If your motherboard and CPU are ancient and can only support Windows 7, it might not be worth it. In most circumstances, it is worthwhile if your CPU is newer and capable of supporting Windows 10 or Windows 11. At this point, having a conversation would make more sense. Please call 512.257.1433 to assist you in making the right decision. Free estimates are available from us. There will be no fees if we can’t fix it.

Yes, we can assist. Don’t worry, though; most of us have experienced this. Please give us a call at 512.257.1433 so that we can assist you in clearing things up and reducing or eliminating the risk going forward.

Yes, we certainly do this frequently. However, bear in mind that in order to update to a newer version of OS, your computer needs to meet the minimum hardware requirements. To find out if your computer is ready for an upgrade, give us a call right now.

No matter what problems you have with your PC, give us a call 512.257.1433 for an estimate. And remember, if we can’t fix it you don’t pay!