Hotel Phone System in Austin

InHotel – Property Management System (PMS) by NEC

InHotel is a PMS system that’s built into the NEC SL2100 or SV9100 Phone System. Back in the days, we would have to integrate PMS system and phone system via SMDR. It was a cumbersome and lengthy process depending which PMS system and which phone system we were working with. Because it was a time consuming process, it was not cost effective. Back then, hotel uses phones as a source of revenue, so the extra cost did not matters much. However, since the popularity of voip phones, cell phones, smart phones, and countless apps options, end consumers are spending less to none on long distance and phone calls. This InHotel makes it much more competitive and viable options for the Hotels and Hospitality Industry.

InHotel provides an internal PMS system which allows hotel/motel’s front desk to book reservations, manage rooms, track housekeeping, monitor room status, add room charges, administer billings, and provide reports for the hotel staff. With InHotel, there is no need for an external server, which makes it convenient and cost effective, and much easier to support. No need to call PMS provider and phone vendor separately.

NEC SL2100 InHotel is for smaller hotels (support up to 64 rooms).

NEC SV9100 InHotel is for small/medium hotels (support up to 120 rooms).


Time Saving

Increase Productivity
Faster Checkin/Checkouts

Lower Costs

Single Initial cost, no recurring monthly subscriptions

On-Board Application

No extra pc/server hardware or maintenance

Easy, Flexible & Faster billing

Room rates, call costs, mini bar, spa, restaurant & more