Interlogix (Truportal) Access Control System Support Austin

Do you have an Interlogix (TruPortal) access control system and need support? We offer support and or a way to replace the access control panels very cost-effectively. In most cases, we can reuse the wires, readers, and credential cards and help you migrate the data to a similar on-premises web-based access control system. Call us for a free estimate.

This is a picture of what a TruPortal or an Interlogix Access Control Panel enclosure box looks like.

The left shows a picture of an expansion enclosure cabinet that has an expansion board for the Interlogix Access Control System. The right shows an image of the main access control board, which has an ethernet port that has a CAT 6 red parch cable connected to the ethernet port.

The left shows a picture of 2 door add-on expansion board. The picture on right shows the instruction of the TP-ADD-2D TruPortal 2 Door Add-On.