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Business Communication Solutions (BCS) offers a range of IT solutions for the professional services industry in Austin and the surrounding areas. We install data cabling (for PCs, phones, printers, and other network devices), wireless network solutions (Wi-fi), and Business Phone Systems. We also offer free consultations to help you save on your monthly recurring phones/internet/IT managed services bills. Call us for a free estimate.

Some products and solutions for the professional services industry:

Business Phone system for the professional services industry:

Business Communication Solutions offers phone systems for businesses of virtually any size. Do you currently have a small office but have plans to increase staff in the future? We can install a small phone system for you that can easily be expanded to grow as your business grows, that way, you only pay for what you need as you need it.

Some other in-demand features our phone systems offer:

  • Get your voicemails anywhere: Get a notification via an automated phone call or have your voicemail sent to your email as an attachment so you don’t have to wait until you get back to your office to hear an important message.
  • Never miss a phone call: Have calls to your office phone ring to your cell phone so you can handle client calls as if you’re at your desk.
  • Record important calls: Utilize a simple, one-touch recording to save important client phone calls.
  • Voicemails for each desired user: Protect client privacy and improve efficiency by offering each user their own voicemailbox to monitor.
  • Automated Attendants: Implement an auto attendant to give clients the option to directly dial their desired party through a phone tree to take some stress off your receptionist (or to replace them entirely).
  • Call logs: Need to get the contact info for a potential client that called you and didn’t leave a callback number? Check your call log and get that needed info.


Wired & Wireless Network Installation and Setup in Austin

Experience stable and secure wireless internet throughout your office. We can also install outdoor wireless access points (APs). BCS will survey your office and determine the best placement of your APs to ensure you have full coverage in the desired areas. Go throughout your entire office without dropping signal with a seamless wi-fi system in place.


Wired Network Solutions

When possible and practical, a wired network solution is typically the best option. BCS can install data cabling for your devices: PCs, network printers, phones, and any of your other network devices. With a wired network, you’ll have the most stable and secure high-speed network connection.

Network devices

BCS can also install and configure network devices, such as wireless access points, network switches, and firewalls. All of which can be managed and monitored on or off-site to keep your network and client info secure and to better troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


Monthly Recurring Bill Consultation

Are you paying too much on your monthly phones, internet, and IT bills? Give us a call. We offer free consultation to help you save.