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NEC Phone System

8 Communication Challenges and Solutions for Schools

1. Problem – Telephone “rush hour”, limited staff,
Solutions – Auto attendant: caller can be giving an automated option to a voicemail, eg. Press 1 to report your child as absent. Voicemail to email are then automatically emailed to relevant departments.
2. Problem – Risk of toll fraud

Solutions – NEC’s InGuard application defends your system 24/7/365. Attacks can be identified and stopped instantly. Also help prevent internal telephone abuse.
3. Problem – Handling the same telephone enquiries
Solutions – In-queue announcements reduces call handling of frequent enquiries
4. Problem – Unexpected school closures
Solutions – Information messages can be delivered automatically to every caller.
5. Problem – No individual voicemail for teachers
Solutions – NEC’s handset with modules: voicemail boxes for multiple staff with access via Pin Number enables privacy and security for all messages.
6. Problem – Dealing with difficult calls
Solutions – One touch recording – provides receptionist with instant recording during an important call. Voicemail to email – enables recorded phone calls to be forwarded via email to senior staff/ headmaster. Recording can help resolve disputes instantly.
7. Problem – Need for a school helpline – Bulling at school, Cyber Bullying, Aggressive Behavior, Confusing, Stressful, Self Esteem, Depression.
Solutions – A dedicated phone line e.g. Bulling Helpline. Pupils can call in confidence and if need be anonymously. Easy to manage via a voicemail-box to arrange a call back at the callers convenience. Our of school hours service – calls can be diverted to a helpline or charity service.
8. Problem – Staying reachable while mobile
Solutions – NEC mobility solutions – built in mobility extension, mobile softphone application, ip dect. SOS Key on IP DECT – Alerts all phones around of an EMERGENCY. Handset also can have one touch Panic Key on NEC handsets.

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