Wireless WAN Extender

FortiExtender: Secure 5G and LTE Wireless WAN Extender

Providing 5G and LTE Connectivity for Reliable Broadband Access to the Internet

The future is wireless, and with 5G and innovative LTE connectivity solutions, your WAN can be faster than ever. Fortinet FortiExtender leverages the scalability and flexibility of LTE (3G and 4G) and 5G wireless WAN to empower you to grow more connected, across operations and devices located anywhere and everywhere.

FortiExtender offers wireless connectivity for nearly any operational network. Whether mobile sites, vehicle fleets, field forces, or OT and IoT environments, a FortiExtender solution exists to help you achieve resilient and high-performance connectivity, anywhere.

FortiExtender provides a reliable WAN connection to a firewall, such as a FortiGate, using the cellular LTE infrastructure (3G, 4G), as well as 5G. These connections are commonly used as a second broadband connection for reliability or increased throughput. But those businesses that want to use multiple WAN connections, including for SD-WAN, can also use FortiExtender for one of those WAN links.

Another common use for FortiExtender is to deploy it as a primary connection for a location where cellular LTE is the preferred broadband option. Retail stores or kiosks processing point-of-sales (POS) transactions might also opt for a highly-secure LTE or 5G network to meet PCI compliance requirements. FortiExtender can also be managed independently, using an attached FortiGate or through the FortiExtender Cloud service. 

FortiExtender appliances come in several indoor models with different LTE modem performance. All models offer multiple LAN ports and a secondary WAN ethernet port. FortiExtender Appliances can be managed by a FortiGate or from the cloud by the FortiExtender Cloud service.

Flexible deployment and management options

FortiExtender offers a wide range of flexible deployment and management options, providing infrastructure leaders with the option to manage appliances using Fortinet FortiGate NGFW, FortiExtender Cloud, or locally at the appliance level.

Secure access service edge (SASE) at the thin branch

Leverage FortiExtender 5G, LTE, or even LAN Ethernet to onboard users located at pop-up offices and thin branch networks. With FortiExtender, deploying and managing FortiSASE is fast, simple and intuitive.