Month: July 2019

  • Headset Options


    Since the launch of voip phone system and bluetooth technology, there has been a tremendous growth in the hardware options of headsets. You can go with usb wired headset, or usb wireless headset in conjunction with softphones or applications. Or you can go with traditional phones with added EHS (electronic hook switch) which can help…

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  • Network Security – when is it sufficient?

    I had a customer asked me when is network security sufficient? That’s a tough and broad question, I thought. I really didn’t have a direct easy answer to this. It really depends on what kind of business you are in, what kind of information you are trying to protect. Depending on the business, I’m pretty…

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  • NEC SL2100

    Last week, I’ve ran into an issue with VOIP busy signal. After troubleshooting, I’ve realized that the system has run out of voip channel resource. The system was configure for 8 sip trunks and 10 voip phones. We had configure this system with the SL2100 Main Chassis / CPU combo package (0x0x0). By default, it…

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