Month: July 2019


Headset Options

Since the launch of voip phone system and bluetooth technology, there has been a tremendous growth in the hardware options of headsets. You can go with usb wired headset, or usb wireless headset in conjunction with softphones or applications. Or you can go with traditional phones with added EHS (electronic hook switch) which can help get rid of the bulky lifter. Keep in mind, with out the lifter, you will need an electronic hook switch cable in most case to send a ringer alert to the headset anytime the phone rings. With all the options with headset out there, give your phone vendor a call, so they can help you choose the correct one.

Network Security – when is it sufficient?

I had a customer asked me when is network security sufficient? That’s a tough and broad question, I thought. I really didn’t have a direct easy answer to this. It really depends on what kind of business you are in, what kind of information you are trying to protect. Depending on the business, I’m pretty sure there are legal that you need to take into considerations, such as medical offices, health care, and hospitals needs to be hippa compliant. With that being said, I have a minimum that I like to set in place for most offices, then when we are done, we realize there needed to be more security. For most office, I would recommend a minimum of antivirus software on each pc/devices/server, etc. I also think most office will need some kind of firewall/router in place with some kind of way to manage threat from outside. Then of course, blocks as many ports as possible from outside and make sure everyone have super strong password with some kind of system in place to make sure password security is enforce. I also highly recommend locking up server room/network closets, etc. That would be my minimum recommendation. If you can afford to do more, then you should do more.

NEC SL2100

Last week, I’ve ran into an issue with VOIP busy signal. After troubleshooting, I’ve realized that the system has run out of voip channel resource. The system was configure for 8 sip trunks and 10 voip phones. We had configure this system with the SL2100 Main Chassis / CPU combo package (0x0x0). By default, it comes with 8 VOIP channels. Each VOIP phone uses a channel and each sip trunk uses a channel. In short, if you needs 8 sip trunks, make sure you have double the amount of channels which is 16 voip channels allocated for the system.