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Allworx Interact integration with google chrome and firefox….

Allworx have came a long way.  The interface that we used to used called call assistant was already pretty good.  We were able to transfer call via drag and drop, see who’s on the phone, who’s on park, record a phone call, and see use just about any feature with just a click.  Now with Allworx Interactive, you can even set your interactive to always record your phone calls, make phone calls by simply click the Allworx icon on top right for google chrome, it will then allow you to choose from available phone numbers, or from Firefox, you can actually click on the phone number and dial, your Allworx phone will start dialing.  This would definitely be a great tools for call centers and user that makes a lot of outbound calls.  This will be a great tools for users that uses a web based CRM, that is compatible with google chrome or firefox.