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NEC SL2100

NEC SL2100

Last week, I’ve ran into an issue with VOIP busy signal. After troubleshooting, I’ve realized that the system has run out of voip channel resource. The system was configure for 8 sip trunks and 10 voip phones. We had configure this system with the SL2100 Main Chassis / CPU combo package (0x0x0). By default, it comes with 8 VOIP channels. Each VOIP phone uses a channel and each sip trunk uses a channel. In short, if you needs 8 sip trunks, make sure you have double the amount of channels which is 16 voip channels allocated for the system.

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Benefits of Call Recording

Have you ever wondered what the real advantage of voice recording can mean to your business? Many companies use this software on a daily basis to record phone calls for various reasons. Some of the reasons to utilize a recording system are: quality assurance, record and file information, record sales calls for later review, legal requirements and overall customer/employee satisfaction. Everyone from call centers to doctors offices use some form of call recording to ensure every call is handled properly and is up to par.

One popular use of the call recording systems is for sales people, whether it be inbound or outbound, to measure how well they interact with customers and prospects. This application allows managers to ensure the companies philosophies are well represented by the salespersons attitude and delivery. The salesperson can also benefit from the recording system by being able to replay recent calls for review. Reviewing the call allows them to see where mistakes were made and where they can improve for future calls. Both of these examples help to ensure everyone who answers the phone is doing so in a professional and helpful way.

Another advantage of having a call recording system is for companies who have a help desk or technical support department. We’ve all heard the disclaimer at the beginning of these types of calls, you know the one…”this call may be monitored for quality assurance.” Quality assurance may have dual meanings in this case, one being the issue I previously discussed (to ensure the person fielding the call is polite and professional), and they other is to determine if the technical support or help the person called to receive is actually helpful. Managers want to make certain that their technical support center is giving the correct type of advice and doing so in the appropriate manner. This can often mean the difference between a happy, repeat customer and someone who will never do business with you again.

Now that I have touched on why companies use call recording systems, lets talk about what types of systems are offered. There are various types of call recording systems available, including: VoIP call recording, outbound call recording, random call recording, station-side call recording, trunk-side call recording and business rules driven call recording. Your companies exact needs will determine which system is right for you.

In today’s world, call recording is becoming increasingly significant and useful for all businesses. Issues like customer service, providing proof of calls, later playback for review and improvement and legal matters are all reasons call recording has become so used today. Whatever your business may be, it’s certain it can only benefit from call recording software and systems. With so many different choices and applications available, let the professionals at Business Communication Solutions help you decide which one is right for you! For more information visit us at or call us at 512-257-1433.

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Are you Planning a Office move?

Are you planning a Office Move? – Hire a IT Professional.

Moving an office network can add unforseen costs. As an IT consultant we can insure that moving your network, phone systems, etc. are done in a timly cost effective manner. A well planned out network infastructer at the new location is key to a successful move for any business big or small. A professional network consultant can evaluate the old and new location to determine if there will be any additional requirements prior to your move. Have this knowledge prior to any relocation will help keep costs down, and ensure that your new locations network, phone systems, etc are up and running when its time to open for business.