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3 Types of Networks

Small to Larges scale business computer network will assist in the interconnect of a group of computer systems for business purposes. This will allow employees to share files over the network with other employees. A network will help in efficiency and productivity. A network can consist of two or more computers, phone systems and other security devices need to run a small to large business. It is important to have a network admin to ensure that your network, computers and security devices are optimized and secure.

These are the three main systems for small to large scale businesses:
•PAN or Personal Area Network is a small network, usually supporting one or two people and various electronic devices like printers, phones, computers and tablets.
• LAN or Local Area Network covers a slightly larger scale but consists of systems all within a certain location. This can be used for small offices or people working within the same building. These networks can be expanded to support hundreds of computer systems as you expand the business.
• VPN Virtual Private Network uses the internet but creates a secure network within this larger public network. This can work well with innovative ideas when people not in the same geographical area without the risk of information leaks.

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