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Getting highly recommended by one great company to another is something we are very proud of. With that respect, we get to experience working in California. We installed new phone system for a company that requires communication and networking not only nationwide, but also international. Having a very reliable equipment and connections are very important to this company. They wanted to update their telephone software to a more advance and sustainable system. That’s when our company, Business Communication Service was highly recommended to them. By installing our very own Allworx Business Telephone System we helped them increased their productivity. We end up terminating two T1 for voice in this phone system. One T1 is for direct local call nationwide and the other is direct call to China and vice versa. The purpose for this is to cut back international cost. We also replaced one hundred and more of their phones to Allworx business telephones. Instinctive options was appreciated by the employees because of the feature of the new phones was easy to navigate. In technology nowadays updating is a very good sign of improvement especially in business.

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