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Security Cameras System Install – labor only

In the last few months, we install quite a bit of camera systems. We had lots of calls from potential clients asking us if they already have a system and just needed someone to install it, would we be willing to install it for them. I answered simply yes. It has occurred to me that there are lots of vendor out there that their requirement to become a customers is that you have to purchase everything from them. Even if the customer already have a system, they still wants to sell you another one. I understand the logic behind it, it is a bit harder to get your technician to support all the camera systems, it’s much easier to get them to learn just 1 brand. I understand the other logic is that you have to make more money. Well, here at Business Communication Solutions, we do our best to support other brand of cameras systems, whether we sell it or not. We understand sometimes you can inherit a system when you bought a house or a business. You probably got a system as a Christmas gift. It doesn’t matter! At the end of the day, if you feel more comfortable buying the camera systems you prefer, just wanted someone to install it for you, give us a call! Let us help you save!

In the last few months, we have installed Lorex, Swann, Night Owls, LTS, Ankee, some where POE and some were TVI (coaxial)..

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