NEC SV9100 – built upon the success of NEC SV8100 and more

NEC SV9100 – built upon the success of NEC SV8100 and more

I’ve been excited about the NEC SV9100, but never got the time to take the course.  Finally I’ve spend some time to take the course.  Wow, finally a more reasonable licensing system.  It use to be we had to verify and then double check the licensing just to make a quote.  Now, it’s reasonable.

NECSV9100E – Focus on Small to Medium Customer – Expandable up to 896 Stations and 400 Trunks.  NetLink expandable to host plus 49 remote sites for a total of 50 sites.
NECSV9100S – Focus on Very Small Customer
Simplified – Easier to configure with a New Licensing Concept.  Simple Licensing, Simple Admin, Simple User Interface.
Unified Communication, Voicemail, and Unified Messaging (voicemail to email) included with every user license.
NEC SV9100E – Now comes with VoIP Daughter Board.  You can activate using user licenses.. 8 or 16 user licenses included based on packages selection.  Messaging option activated via user licenses & system selection.  Inmail with 120 hours storage or UM8000 with 500 plus hours storage.
NEC SV9100s – Similiar to the SV8100, it does not comes with Voip Daughter Board unless you purchase it.  You can activate UC via User Licenses.  Inmail is 16 ports with 15 hours storage.  Nowadays with voicemail to email, voicemail storage has been the thing of the past.  Most customer prefer to have voicemail email to them, then automatically delete from the system, this way, they don’t have to log into their voicemail from their phone and delete the message.  Nec sv9100S has a 48 resource licenses included.  This is also the maximum total ports.  Once you go past this, you will need to migrate to the SV9100E.

With the new license model, it’s much easier to configure for customer that has CRM’s.  CRM’s that we support are Act! 2005 and above, Goldvine 6.7 and above, Time Matters, Tiger Paw, Salesforce, Browser Based CRMs.

In short, we are really excited about the SV9100.  We are  hoping to migrate our existing customers to it.

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