Understanding the vulnerability of being attack online by cyber threats is very important nowadays.  As the world runs through networking, sadly say, there are trained IT people that work to disrupt, damage,  and destroy data just to gain information and money they can use for themselves. As simple as clicking an email can allow them to get into your system and get all the data they need, this is called “Phishing.” They can use all these important materials to get all the money that you have or simply alter your identity.  Two major problems I rather not experience.  As there are many more advanced techniques and trained cyber-terrorist out there to disrupt your everyday living, simply learning how to protect yourself is the main key in network security.  Taking a course at FORTINET NSE Training Institute, I learned seven important ways to help protect my personally identifiable information and my device. 

1. Don’t give out any important information or financial transaction from an unsure email, text, or voicemail.

2. Have a security mindset and ensure that all hyperlinks are coming from legitimate sources before clicking.

3. Make sure to use multi-step to confirm unique security code for validation to a system.

4. Make certain that you have the most updated protection on your computer, mobile device, and browser.

5. Always use different passwords in all your accounts and devices.

6. Always lock your screen device when it’s not being used.

7. It’s important to obey and follow the company policy. Be informed and always ask if you don’t know. 

As our world is rapidly changing in technology, we each have a role in protecting our own information. In the business industry, data is the new gold and our network security is something we prioritize.