Multiple Data Cable Support Options

Multiple Data Cable Support Options

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to cable management. Each option has its pros and cons. We’ll always provide our customer with every option and let them decide with what works best in their budget and appearance. Here’s a few listings of a few options.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray:   This is probably the most expensive options. This option is more for those who’s running 50 plus cable through an area where everything would be visible to give it more of an industrial look to the building. Once the Cable tray are installed, the time to run cable will be cut dramatically. This will make it easier for the next person to come in to trace, add, or remove cable.

O-rings / J-hooks: This option is the cheapest options. This option can be used for those who’s looking to run either small or large number of cables through a visible or non-visible area. J-hook can be mounted on either walls or ceiling. The difference between the two is j-hook has multiple attachment that can help with various ways to mount the hook while O-ring can only me mounted on flat surfaces.

Zipties: Don’t cost anything but it’s the lease appealing option. Mainly used for cables less than 10.

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