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Endpoint Security

An endpoint is a type of communication device that connects to the network. Back then there are desktops, laptops, and handheld devices such as iPad, or cellphone. These devices can be simply protected by installing anti-virus software that scans for the signature-base of the virus and destroys it. Now, as the technology world evolves, endpoints include the Internet of Things or IoTs. Examples are smart gadgets that are connected to the internet in many homes and businesses like smart thermostats and fridges. Cybercriminals use these endpoints as one of the loopholes to get into a network. During this time many have transferred their business remotely and network security had become more and more major necessity in our technology world. Fortinet offers the merging of Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) & Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) software that simplifies protection and manages malware before it attacks your device. It also has Machine Learning (ML) that helps detect malware in an early stage. With this type of endpoint protection you can for sure go by your daily tasks without any disruption from cybercriminals.   

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